A message that I would like to send you through my work is that things have various perspectives. “Depending on the way you look at things, the meaning will change”.
Since I went out into the world, I encountered many situations that made me think about this “the way you look at things”.

For example, when I do my work, I meet a lot of different kinds of people.
Of course, there are circumstances when I have to work with people whom I cannot get along so well.
Then I often thought, “Why I cannot get along with her/him so well?” or “Isn’t it common sense?”
It is natural that everybody have different thoughts, because we are all different individuals.
But I noticed that I have unconsciously forced others to adopt “the way I look at things”.
This gave me an opportunity to question myself.
If I change “the way I look at things”, I will be able to see different things.

Not only humans but also things have a complexed and diverse side.
It is impossible to grasp it perfectly.
That’s why it is important that you try to change “the way you look at things” a little bit.
This is what I keep in my mind when I create my work.


いけうら あやこ

  • 1992年


  • 2010年

    京都市立銅駝美術工芸高等学校 洋画専攻 卒業

  • 2014年

    京都市立芸術大学 版画専攻 卒業


  • 1992

    Born in Kyoto Japan

  • 2010

    Graduated from Kyoto Municipal Doda Art and Crafts High School, Western painting Department

  • 2014

    Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Printmaking Major


  • 2012年

    グループ展 Clip (京都 ギャリエヤマシタ)

  • 2013年

    第15回 絵のまち尾道四季展(広島)

  • 2014年

    第8回 関西八芸術大学版画ポートフォリオ展(京都 石田大成社文化ホール)

  • 2016年

    グループ展 三輪展 (京都 同時代ギャラリー)
    アンデパンダン展(京都 同時代ギャラリー)
    二人展 (京都 ギャラリーsomali)

  • 2017年

    THE WALLプロジェクト 建築設計事務所GENETOとのコラボ展示(東京 DISEL SHIBUYA)
    銅駝ミニチュアール展(東京 飯田橋ギャラリースペースパウゼ)
    個展 あお展(京都 同時代ギャラリー)
    Independent Tokyo(東京 ヒューリックホール)

  • 2018年

    KIZUNA 2018 展(東京 gallery ART POINT)

  • 2019年

    個展 もののみかた(京都 同時代ギャラリー)
    個展 空気展(京都 同時代ギャラリー)

  • 2020年

    DOHJIDAI Selection展(京都 同時代ギャラリー)

  • 2021年

    同時代展(京都 同時代ギャラリー)

  • 2023年

    京都芸大同窓会アートオークション2023 「Hand On」(京都 京都市立芸術大学ギャラリー@KCUA)

  • 2012

    “CLIP” Group exhibition, Gallie Yamashita, Kyoto

  • 2013

    “The 15th Paintings Exhibition and Contest of Picturesque Onomichi in 4 Seasons”, Hiroshima

  • 2014

    “The 8th Kansai Eight Art Universities Print Portfolio Exhibition”, Ishida Taiseisha Culture Hall, Kyoto

  • 2016

    “Sanrin Exhibition” Group exhibition, Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto “Indépendants Exhibition”, Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto
    “Two Person Exhibition”, Gallery somali, Kyoto

  • 2017

    “THE WALL Project” a collaborative exhibition with GENETO Architects, DISEL SHIBUYA, Tokyo
    “Doda Miniatureall Exhibition”, Iidabashi Gallery Space Pause, Tokyo
    “Ao Exhibition” Solo Exhibition, Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto
    “Independent Tokyo”, Hulic Hall, Tokyo

  • 2018

    “KIZUNA 2018 Exhibition”, gallery ART POINT, Tokyo

  • 2019

    “The way you look at things” Solo Exhibition, Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto
    “Feelings Exhibition” Solo Exhibition, Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto

  • 2020

    “DOHJIDAI Selection Exhibition”, Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto

  • 2021

    “DOHJIDAI Exhibition”, Dohjidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto

  • 2023

    KCUA Alumni Art Auction 2023 「Hand On」, Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA, Kyoto